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Founded in 1947, Alegacy have been producing cookware and small wares in style, quality and value.

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Producers of quality stainless steel food preparation tools. Slicing vegetables and Meat has never been easier.

Layer 8brands


The industry standard in can opening with 140 years of experience.

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Manufacturer of stainless steel food pan and cookware. Exprience South Korean workmanship at its finest.

Layer 9brands


Household name in food service. Great healthcare products that raises standards.

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Foodservice equipment manufacturer. Comprehensive products for a complete kitchen system.

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Coffee Brewer machine, coffee bean grinder and beverage dispenser.

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Chef's Choice

Knife Sharpening at its finest. The tool every chef requires in a kitchen.

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Manufacturer of Paper Coffee Filter and Glass Decanter.

Layer 10brands


French cookware manufacturer with 190 years of experience. Excellent product range and great prices.

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Well known name is baking, baking moulds favour by top bakers around the world.

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German Knifes and Sharpening tools since 1778, 242 years of experience in manufacturing cutting tools.

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Manufacturer of food service equipment for 95 years. Wide range of food service equipment available for your kitchen needs.

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Everyday Brush

Household name in Malaysia, manufacturer of good quality of brushes of all types at affordable prices.

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Hamilton Beach

Famous name in small machines used for food preparation and cooking. Be spoilt by the different types of tools you can choose!

Layer 11brands


Top quality stainless steel food service and tabletop equipment.

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Excellent range of kitchen knives for every function in the kitchen. Experience the finest knives from Portugal favour by many chefs around the world.

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Plastic ware for food storage and transportation. Products have expanded over the years to other common kitchen tools.

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JB Products

Glasslike Polycarbonate ware that is almost indestructible and long service life. Great for poolside and bar counters.

Layer 17brands2


Stainless Steel manufacturer for all types of kitchenware. Over 1000 different products that can be useful in the kitchen.

Layer 12brands


The famous beverage warmer and depenser. The industry standard for many years.

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Gloves expert. Mapa have a glove for every function in the kitchen that requires hand protection.

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Matfer Bourgeat

Professional cookware and tableware supplier. Top choice for French chefs.

Layer 6brands


Makers of the original Swiss Army knives. Enjoy the luxury of food preparation using a Swiss made kitchen knife.

Layer 1brands


Kitchen Scissors from Japan. Exprience Japanese fine craftsmanship in the kitchen.

Layer 13brands


Cookware, Bakeware, kitchen tools. Quality kitchen equipment from Italy.

Layer 2brands

Robot Coupe

Blixer blender/mixers, food processors, hand held mixers

Layer 14brands

Royal Steel

House Brand, Stainless Steel Kitchen products and Tableware at affordable prices. Standard in Modern dining.

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Royal White

House Brand, the entry level chinaware for the cost conscious. Porcelain tableware is the standard in Chinese dining.


Rubbermaid (Commercial)

Famous brand in America. Manufacturer of carts for cleaning, housekeeping,

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Rubbermaid (Food Service)

Famous Brand in America. Manufacturer of food storage containers and food pans.

Layer 4brands


German technology in food transportation and Insulation. Company also makes Pastry bags and Accessories.

Layer 5brands


Homegrown brand, manufacturer of plastic ware, stackable glass racks, trays, and food service equipment.